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Marquest Mining Québec 2020-I Super Flow-Through LP

Marquest Mining Québec 2020-I Super Flow-Through LP

Marquest Mining Québec 2020-I Super Flow-Through Limited Partnership, a limited partnership established under the laws of the Province of Ontario, proposes to issue limited partnership units on a private placement basis at a price of $100.00 per Unit.

Investment Objective

The Partnership intends to invest in Flow-Through Shares of Resource Companies involved in mineral exploration, development and/or production in Canada, with a view to achieving capital appreciation and maximizing the tax benefit of an investment in the Units. The Partnership intends to invest all or substantially all of the Available Funds such that Limited Partners will be entitled to claim certain deductions from income and may be entitled to, in respect of investments in Super Flow-Through Shares, investment tax credits for income tax purposes for the 2020 taxation year. Up to 100% of the Available Funds will be invested in Super Flow-Through Shares of Resources Companies that are listed companies on a “designated stock exchange” within the meaning of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

F Class units available for discretionary advisors

Portfolio Update

Fund Details

Issue Size

Unit Price

Minimum Initial Purchase
$5,000 (50 Units)

To Residents of Québec

Federal Tax Shelter Id#

Quebec Tax Shelter Id#
QAF 20-01848

Fund Code
CLASS A – MAV 2002
CLASS F – MAV 2004

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