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Certified Project Manager Accredited Institute Project Management Certifications ACAPM ® Certified Project Manager Academy of Project Management Institute

Certified Project Manager Accredited Institute Project Management Certifications ACAPM ® Certified Project Manager Academy of Project Management Institute

As mentioned, start by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, or a related field. This will give you foundational knowledge about software development processes. Some companies prefer candidates with a master’s degree, especially for more senior roles.

certified project manager

Since 1996,
the CEC became the first “vendor neutral” and non-technical graduate project management credential for e-Managers
in the area of E-Commerce and Internet Technology. The CEC is listed in hundreds of authoritative websites
referencing the best computer certifications. Choose from the multiple options to become a certified project manager. Moreover, you have seen the tangible and intangible benefits you get after you are a certified project manager. PMI is the primary organization offering professional certifications in project management.

Financial Professional (MFP)

Since many small consulting firms fail each year because of lack of managerial expertise and clients,
persons interested in opening their own firm must have good organizational and marketing skills. Management consultants with a MMC designation must be
recertified every 2 years. Certification is not mandatory for management consultants, but it may give a job seeker
a competitive advantage.

PMI is not the only organization offering project management certification. Each certifying organization has its own education and experience requirements depending on the certification type and may require membership. You may find a number of general and specialty project management certifications from a variety of certifying organizations beyond the PMP. Yet, with so many certifications available from hundreds of vendors, it can be tricky to narrow down your options. Read on to learn more about the best project management certification options for you. Given the rapid evolution in the software domain, continual learning is crucial.

What is project management?

If you’ve ever planned, led, budgeted, scheduled, or documented the progress of a project, you’ve done some elements of project management. Though you might not have thought of it as project management at the time, your past experiences may have given you some exposure to the skills you’ll need as a project manager. Most PMP certification training programs (through which you can earn your contact hours) range in cost from around $300 to around $3,000.

Employers interested in joining the Google Career Certificates Employer Consortium can find more information at grow.google/employers. The Project Management Certificate is available globally in how to become a project manager English on Coursera. The Google IT Support Certificate is also available in Spanish and Portuguese. Access career resources like coaching sessions, mock interviews, and a resume builder tool.

What Are the Education Requirements or Expectations for Project Managers?

Upon completing either program, gain a shareable certificate to add to your resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile. It’s also important to consider the time and money it will take to gain certification when weighing the pros and cons. You may want to think about asking your employer about reimbursement options.

  • For the basic degree and experience criteria, please read our requirements section.
  • Project management training can lead to careers in various industries, though the job description and title may differ based on your specialization.
  • Pursuing one of these niche areas can qualify you for specialized careers.
  • Additionally, learners will have the option to use Asana and to learn about other common work management tools.
  • To help you learn more about testing and quality assurance tools, we suggest you check out our guide to the Best Application Performance Monitoring Software.
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